Certified Circular Fashion - Recover x Primark

As we move to buy better, Primark has launched an eight-piece sustainable collection from recycled cotton under their Primark Cares Label. Primark is known for being a value brand to accommodate its consumer demographic. Primark stated that sustainability shouldn't come with a higher price point, according to the director of Primark Cares, Lynne walker.

(Photographer - Jakob Pfalz - Unsplash Images - @wiorch)

The brand has formed relationships with Recover, which aims to resolve the loop within the fashion industry. Recover has been known within the industry for over 70 years for closed-loop recycling.

All garments is made from 15% to 25% recycled cotton from unused fabric waste and recycled clothes. Primark has used a mixture of materials containing sustainable cotton, organic cotton and polyester. The product range consists of hoodies, joggers, sweats, T-shirts and leggings in navy, white, black and grey, loungewear, and price points varying from £3.50 to £12.00.