& Other Stories brand, owned by H&M has launched a cosmetic vending machine in their concession branch in Galeries Lafayette, Paris.

The development and concept came from H&M' Group partner 'The Laboratory' that explores new technology and opportunities to increase consumer experience.

H&M group stated in there press release ...

“We felt very inspired by the idea of creating our own vending machine experience, turning it into a mini version of our stores. It has special features conveying several layers of our world. We hope that it will make people curious and inspire them to explore our stories,” says Ebba Kettner, Head of Brand Design at & Other Stories.

The unveiling of this new concept is to help customers connect with a different retail experience that incorporates social distancing measures and contactless shopping.

(Image - H&M Group)

The vending machine will enable customers to browse and buy soaps, mini creams, and bottles of perfumes from there best-selling lines, price points range from 5 - 30 euros.

(Image RetailWeek)

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