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Material & Mood SS21

Material & Mood SS21

Material & Mood SS21


Fashion file provides bitesize versions of fashion trends that allow you to keep yourself one step ahead of the curve... for Fashion Design & Trend Forecasting. "Track what’s new – and what’s next"...


Delivering up to date trend forecasting and resources files across all product categories for inspirational ideas that will help you maintain a competitive edge in the fashion industry...


Our fashion file reports are stunning, inspirational and straight to the point, that allows you to be expressive in your ideas, design and decision making. 


Key Benefits:

  • Proactive and forward-thinking in your planning
  • Be ahead of the game in fashion market trends
  • Clear and concise fashion trend direction
  • Key performance indicators
  • Creating innovators
  • Fashion trend direction by product category
  • Save time and research
  • Affordable, non-subscription downloads
  • Create and fulfil new ideas and inspiration


Material & Mood - SS/21


Fashion File MATERIAL & MOOD trend forecast is a practical tool that helps you identify emerging seasonal material & mood macro and microenvironments for the FASHION market allowing you to track what’s new – and what’s next.


Digital File Download


Fashion File digital resource file is automatically delivered to our customers as soon as the payment is received. When online payment (e.g. credit card, PayPal, etc.) is received, a confirmation email is sent with a download link. The link will also appear on the Thank You page.


If there is a delay in your payment, (e.g. offline payment or echeck), a link will not be sent in the email sent to confirm the order. Only after we have received your payment, Fashion File will be notified and we will send an email to confirm the purchase with a download link of the Fashion File digital resource file.


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